Why UK?
Why should I study English?

English may be useful for your work. Many companies trade internationally. English is one of the most common business languages. If you have a service job (for example, in a shop, hospital or hotel), English may be useful for communicating with foreign customers or patients. English is the main language of the internet, so if you can use English to obtain information on many subjects. Knowing English makes travel easier, and allows you to communicate with people from many parts of the world.

Why should I go abroad to study English?

If you live in an English-speaking country, your English should improve more quickly. You can practice your English when you are not in classes, as you will have many opportunities to hear, read and speak English in everyday life. When living abroad you can meet new people, experience new cultures, see new sights, and become more independent. Travelling abroad gives you the chance to develop new interests and friendships.