Home Stay (Host Family) Arrangements

ISE selects host families that are open and eager to learn as well as share experiences with a teen-ager from a different country.  By living as a member of your family and participating in both school and community activities, your student will develop an awareness of the British way of life that would be impossible to acquire in any other way. 

The warmth and companionship between the host family and exchange student have proven to be the single most beneficial element in the student's international experience.

British families become a host family for number of reasons;

  • To learn and live a different culture, make friends in different parts of the world.
  • A family with kids who would likes their son or daughter to understand different cultures
  • Learn a new language or practice that language
  • Seen examples in the community or would like to host again.
  • A way of earning money

Host family screening process

1. Each prospective British  host family is personally interviewed by the local Area Representative who also completes a Home Visit Screening Form. The prospective host family must complete a five page detailed Host Family Application covering the family's background, interests and hobbies. Two letters of reference must be provided to the Area Representative, preferably one from an employer, and one from a community organization (service club, local or other such organization), or from a friend who knows the family well, attesting to the stability and good reputation of the family.

2. The ISE Area Representative contacts the principals of each high school to obtain permission for an Exchange Student to attend the school.

Guardianship Application Form »

Rules & Regulations

Student’s are required to follow local, and state rules and regulations.  Student’s are not allowed to smoke or use alcohol during their stay. (in UK ?? ) Although the host families are paid , students should not go beyond the rules of the family..  The details of these rules are stated in the contract.