These program enables qualified  high school students between the ages of 15 and 18 the opportunity to live with a host family or in boarding school  and attend a  high school or language course  for one academic school year or one semester or during summer.
ISE believes that this age group is most receptive to adapting to living in a different country and academic experience in a new culture.  All students are first carefully screened and must be recommended by a teacher or principal in their local school before they are accepted to the program.  Only those students who can evidence academic interest and achievement, curiosity, adaptability and good command of the English, Italian, Portuguese, German or French languages are accepted. 

Each student must satisfactorily complete a personal interview by qualified representatives of ISE in their home country or by telephone interview. 

ISE students arrive with round-trip airline tickets issued to their final destinations. The exchange students also have complete medical coverage for the entire duration of their stay in UK. The natural parents provide a monthly allowance and the host families or school boarding facilities  are responsible for a room and board.

  • Early Placements

ISE is committed to early placements of students. Our records show us that  90 % of students were placed by May for Academic Year.  ISE is the only program guarantees a placement in less then three months for Academic Year Program.

  • Quality Host Families

ISE has a large network of caring and concerned host families. More than 50 % of them have hosted more than once or every year.

Boarding School Placement – 5 days a week +  Home stay (Guardianship) for weekends :

Some boarding schools are just have the boarding facility  during the weekdays. They believe that students should also need to experience the family life at least during the weekends. Many working class parents prefer to send their kids these semi-boarding schools since they do not have to much time to care for their kids during the weekdays. But they have their weekends full of activities to spend with their children. This is an possible accommodation type for the international students either. These host families for weekends will be also the your children legal guardian during their stay in UK.

Boarding School Placement – 7 days a week:

These schools offer you full boarding facility. These schools have many activities for the boarding students. They have wide range of sport activities and also many trips. Even though you have full boarding accommodation under the British Law you children needs a legal guardian during their study with in the borders of UK. In these cases generally one of the teachers of the school accepts to be a legal guardian. These guardian needed to keep an eye on children’s well being, academic improvement. Also during the holidays (e.g. Christmas break) students definitely need place to stay in. Guardianship is generally a paid service.

Independent Day School Placement + Home Stay :

International students are placed in a day school and accommodate with a paid host family. Please note that, host families are not volunteered in UK. They are all paid. Generally these international students are not families first time. They do this professionally by meeting all basic needs of your children. Facilities of families vary but mostly they are not included in a weekly/monthly payment. They may charge you for extras. Your host family automatically will be your legal guardian as well.

Exchange Program (With Independent School + Host Family):

This is a life time experience for one semester or an academic year program. Every year, many students in high school level go different countries to experience their culture, to learn their language. Generally exchange students prefer to stay with a host family in which the culture and the life style fully experienced. Unlike many countries, UK host families charge exchange students for the accommodation. But you also know what to expect from your home stay and you may choose or require you facilities. ISE guides you through your school placement to find a host family close to your school area. Very few exchange students prefer to have a boarding school. If they choose this option, all 7 days a week or 5 days a week boarding placement procedures apply.

Exchange Program (State Maintained School + Host Family): Exchanges in this type of schools (State Maintained) are restricted with EU citizens. Without paying for the tuition, students only pay for the accommodation. Rest of the accommodation process is just like the Independent Day school home stay arrangements. There are rumors on that,  for just cultural exchanges , state maintained schools  might accept non EU citizens and overseas students as well. Till this status is granted for all international students, attending state maintained school is almost impossible for Tier 4 visa required international students.