Application Procedure

How to Apply?

ISE works directly with the student or with schools or an agent.  The cost does not change for the student if apply through  an agent at abroad.  ISE prefers to work through an agent/representative because we know that this make the application process much reliable.

The application system is prepared as simple as possible. 

Use our School Search and indicate your preference details including your academic strengths and expectations.

Soon after we will send you and email including  most possible 5 school suggestions and an application form enclosed to your e-mail.
This form is  a detailed questionnaire which gives us a chance to know you better and lead you professionally in terms of your school and accommodation placement.

While you are filling your form, you will indicate your accommodation preference.

At the bottom of your received e-mail, there will be a link that will direct you to the payment page. You have to pay 75 GBP Registration Fee which initiates your application process.

As soon as we received your application form and see your payment transaction in our panel, we will start contacts with listed schools. You will be informed via email stating that your payment and application form has been received and your placement procedure is being started. During the process, we will be informed you each step we take.
After we have done all research and connections, we will be sending your school placement attached with tuition fee, if boarding plus boarding fee. At this point you have to fill our guardianship form in our website and we will make arrangements to provide you the closest legal guardians.

 If you prefer to stay in a host family, your host family information and weekly/monthly fee (what is included and what is not included) will be attached to your e-mail as well. Your host family will be automatically your legal guardian during your stay. Therefore you do not need to fill Guardianship form.

Throughout the whole process, you can email or call us anytime you have questions and worries. There will be always someone to give you the information you needed.

ISE will make you contact through via e-mail or telephone  or will send you an application form covering:
   – Student Profile
   – Academic Background (Transcripts, References)
   – Medical & Physical Background
   – Agreement
After receiving the filled form, ISE will come back to you within 3 months for Academic Year/Semester program.   Organize your Plane Ticket and make sure it is sent to ISE.  ISE or Host Family or  your Guardian will welcome you at the airport.

Do I Need A Visa ?

The basic division is between European Economic Area citizens (European Union plus Iceland and Norway), people from other countries who do not need a visa to enter Britain (non-visa nationals), and people from countries who do need a visa before entering Britain (visa nationals).
1-Only UK citizens, permanent residents  and EU citizens are allowed to study without visa requirement. If you are a national of a European Union country or are from Norway or Iceland you are free to enter the UK to study, live and work and you do not need a visa. European Union citizens face fierce competition from British students and also have to pay the same tuition fees of up to £1,000 a year depending on financial circumstances. Icelandic and Norwegian students have to pay full fees as international students, but do not need work visas and so can fund their course by working
2. There are non visa required nations (sometimes referred as visa waivers) for travel and visits. On  31 March 2009 , visa  system of UK were changed into Point System and this requires  even visa waiver nations to apply and fill Tier 4 form so as to study within the borders of UK.

3. Visa-required nations are obliged to apply for the visa under the Point System Tier 4 Adult Application Form in order to study in UK.

Except the European Economic Area and UK permanent residence, any nationality needs to apply for a Point Based System Tier 4 Visa Application Form in order to have a permit to study within the borders of UK.  If you need a visa, ISE will send you study permit documents for you to obtain a visa.

Types of student visa * HIGH SCHOOL ONLY

Type of student visa  Who can apply?
Child student You can apply as a child student if you are between 4 and 17 years old. If you are between 4 and 15 years old, you must be coming to the United Kingdom to be educated at an independent fee-paying school.
Adult student You can apply as an adult student if you are coming to the United Kingdom for your post-16 education.

Visa Form for Child Student
Download PdF

Visa Form for Adult Student
Download PdF

Form filling Guidance for both
Download PdF

Application Deadlines

For Academic year students applications should be submitted latest end of March. If you are looking for a school placement more than one academic year , you should start school selection and placement processes as early as possible by taking into consideration your future academic plans.