Who ve are?

Was founded with the belief that international student exchange makes a vital contribution to human understanding by offering students, their parents, and host families an irreplaceable opportunity to deepen comprehension and respect for other peoples and cultures and to discover the realities of the human community.

ISE is a non-profit, tax-exempt, educational foundation for high school students, dedicated to fostering increased international understanding through the promotion of worldwide intercultural learning and living experiences.

ISE is governed by experienced consultants whose experience in the field of student exchange is outstanding. In fact, the combined experience of the ISE totals more than fifty years of experience with high school student exchange.

The ISE World and Turkey National Headquarters is in Istanbul with hundreds of local Area Representatives covering the all Turkey. Area Representatives are trained and supervised by Regional Coordinators and ISE Headquarters. The Area reps have many years of experience in intercultural student exchange, and many have lived and taught or studied abroad.

Age or Year Level Requirements

The British education system may be quite different from other countries. The most important facts are:

*Children are organised into classes according to their age on 31 August each year. For example:

Date of birth Age on 31 August 2008 Year
30 August 1994 14 10
01 September 1994 13 9

This age limitation can not be ruled out while placing an international or exchange student in UK.

Relevant Date of Birth range for each application phase

01/09/06-31/08/07 - Nursery Applications
01/09/05-31/08/06 - Primary (Reception) application
01/09/02-31/08/03 - Junior (Year 3) application
01/09/01-31/08/02 - Middle (Year 4) application
01/09/98-31/08/99 - Secondary (Year 7) application
01/09/97-31/08/98 - Harrow high schools (Year 8) application

Education stages:

Nursery Schools 3-4 years old
Primary Schools 5-11 years old

Foundation Stage - Nursery, Reception, (Infants)

Key Stage 1 - Years 1 and 2 (Infants)
  Key Stage 2 -Years 3 - 6 (Juniors)
Secondary Schools 12-18 years old
  Years 7-13 (Key Stage 3, 4 & 5)

The ISE High School Placement Programme in UK  is open to international students of high school age. The following qualifications are required:

Language Level Requirement

Especially your school  will require you to have good command of in English both literally and orally.
In order to follow the courses ,and adjust yourself to the environment easily , you should improve your English as much as possible before arriving in UK.
You should at least have intermediate level of English to be qualified for school registration.