Become An Agent

ISE  works closely with a selected group of education agents all around the world who have a good command of  education systems and an experience for years on placing an international students in UK schools. They are an expert on concerning student counselling on education programmes and have an excellent track record of preparing students and guiding them through the application and visa process.

With the  combination of ISE’s  experience and the choice of programme options offered by its partner schools, students and parents who prefer to enrol with ISE are assured a smooth and well-considered transition from their education system to  the right place for them in the British education system.

Working with ISE is very easy  and new agents are directedand presented with clear guidelines on how to promote the institutions we work with. New agents will receive a guide consisting details on each school .They will also be updated regularly by newsletters and email communications.
If you are interested in applying to become an ISE education agent, get in contact today.